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ESRC Doctoral Training Centre for Social Sciences

Studying at Cambridge



Welcome to your Doctoral Training Centre.Loraine-photo

As a member of our ESRC-funded Doctoral Training Centre, you are joining one of the largest groups of social science researchers in the UK and will be part of a diverse and exciting student community within a world-class research institution.

You will find a host of opportunities available to you, centred upon a core programme of research methods training and subject-specific investigation under the guidance of your supervisor. We hope that you will be able to choose an interesting and varied programme of activities that will ignite your lifelong interest in the social sciences and equip you for any career you may choose to enter.

As part of a population of over 2,000 postgraduate researchers in the social sciences, your main community is likely to be your fellow researchers in your college or Department. Beyond this, there are a number of training activities which bring together researchers from the social sciences and beyond, and an array of lectures seminars and workshops where you can reach out to other researchers. The DTC also provides opportunities for social science researchers to get together and to form interdisciplinary networks and collaborations, and we hope that you will take advantage of these – and let us know what other activities you would like.

I wish new students a warm welcome and existing students all success for their research; studying social sciences at Cambridge will be a thrilling and invigorating time, during which you may forge friendships, new academic directions, and a fulfilling and interesting career. I look forward to hearing of your achievements as time goes on.

If you are a prospective student, I hope you will find information on these pages to inspire you to join our Doctoral Training Centre community.

Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe

Director of the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre


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