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Ali Meghji

Ali Meghji

Working PhD title: Life beyond the [coloured] glass ceiling: inequality, mobility, and culture among Britain's black middle classes

Key Publications

Meghji, A. (forthcoming). “From ‘black diamonds’ to ‘racial sell-outs’: positioning race and class in Britain and South Africa.” In Race in the world: a comparative perspective, edited by Karen Farquharson, Elisa White, Kathryn Pillay, and Philomena Essed.

Meghji, A. (2016). Positionings of the black middle classes: understanding identity construction beyond strategic assimilation. Ethnic and Racial Studies (online first, retrievable from

Meghji, A. (2016). [The Colour of Class: The Educational Strategies of the Black middle classes (Rollock et al., 2015)]. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 39(3), 526-528.

Meghji, A. (2014). The Black middle-class and laissez-faire racism in Britain’s classrooms. Sociology Teacher Journal, 4(1), 9–13.