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Yvonne Frankfurth

Yvonne Frankfurth

Yvonne has been awarded the ESRC award for the duration of her MPhil and PhD degree.

In her dissertation, she explores what an analysis of the German legal prohibition of egg donation and the ensuing experiences of Germans travelling to Austria for an egg donation tell us about a particularly German idea of reproduction, motherhood and morality – and how these ideas relate to the constitution of the nation, futurity, and the reproduction of a notion of ‘German-ness’. To this end, she conducts in-depth interviews with reproductive clinicians, lawyers, politicians as well as German couples travelling to Austria.

Her supervisor is Professor Sarah Franklin. She is part of the ReproSoc research group.

Her research interests include legal sociology, family studies, gender and nationhood.

Key Publications

Frankfurth, Yvonne (2017). Mothers, Morality and Abortion: The Politics of Reproduction in the Formation of the German Nation. Journal of International Women's Studies, 18(3), 51-65. 
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