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ESRC DTC Academic Poster Competition 2016

Cambridge ESRC DTC Visual Communications Exhibition 2016

The Cambridge ESRC DTC held its annual Academic Poster Competition on 11 March 2016, as part of its Visual Communications Exhibition. 

One of the aims of the exhibition is to provide students from a range of disciplines with an opportunity to come together and develop their understanding of different fields, so helping them become richer, more knowledgeable researchers. 

In preparation for the Summer conference season, the poster competition also allows students to receive valuable detailed and constructive feedback from academic judges, enabling them to enhance their poster before presenting it.

All social sciences PhD students were invited to submit a poster for the competition and Dr Matt Lane (Researcher Development Facilitator) ran a preparatory training event prior to the competition.

The exhibition illustrated the breadth of social sciences research, showcasing the poster entries and also a range of fieldwork photographs from the Division of Social Anthropology. 


Poster exhibition 2016 photo 2

The posters were judged by the Director of the Cambridge ESRC DTC, Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe, and the Director of the Social Science Research Methods Centre, Dr Maria Iacovou.  The judges were extremely impressed with the quality of all the posters, Professor Gelsthorpe commented:

"This year’s posters were of a particularly high standard and, in some ways, the competition was hard to judge.  All of the creators of the posters had thought about visual presentation as well as the content.    The very best told a good story and in a way that would encourage interest from across the social sciences and beyond".


Academic Poster Competition 2016 Results

1st place: Danika Parikh, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

2nd place: Ellen Robertson, Department of Psychology

3rd place: Sarah Paris, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

Highly commended:



Poster Archive

An archive of some of the posters entered in previous competitions can be viewed via the links below:


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